Reflexology Book by Joelle Peters (Hardcover)

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Reflexology by Joelle Peters - Hardcover Book

Reflexology is a holistic natural therapy that works on the energy balance will lead to increased vitality and greater enjoyment of luife. Your feet and hands are considered to be 3-D maps of your body, and stimulating the various reflexes on them will clear away accumulated toxins and restore your natural energy flow.

Reflexology works as a diagnostic tool and as an effective method of treatment for a wide range of diseases and disorders. Easy to learn and suitable for everyone, this drug-free and non-invasive treatment can used for self-help anywhere, any time.

The step by step techniques in this book will treat you or your loved one to a wonderful relaxation experience. Reduce stress and tension by use of reflexology.  This book describes various techniques for helping to decrease pain of illnesses as well.

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