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Bloom All Natural Shampoos vs Lab-created Shampoos


Bloom Simply Good "Energy" Shampoos:   Margot's original formula Bloom Energy Cleansing shampoo is back. Now you have two shampoo choices - original Cleansing (clear green) and the newer, trendy Revitalizing (pearlized).   Both shampoos contain the same original Energy formula with its delightfully refreshing citrus base and rosemary extract infusion - all Bloom products contain all natural ingredients. The effect on the hair is the same for both.


Bloom Simply Good Product Info Q&A:  We have had questions regarding the color variances in the Bloom products, most specifically, the Bloom Energy Shampoos.  The Bloom Energy formula contains a citrus base and rosemary extract infusion. The manufacturer tells us this:  The product color may vary from a pale yellow-green to a light green.  This is due to the manufacturing process of all natural ingredients made in smaller batches than most manufacturers do.  The color variances result from the amount of citrus extract and food grade color added to each batch which can vary.  This does not affect the performance of the product in any way. 


Regarding the amount of lather of Bloom Shampoos. All natural ingredient products do NOT lather up the same way lab-created shampoo formulas do. Lab-created shampoos contain a great deal of lathering agents but these agents actually strip your hair of moisture and natural oils. All natural ingredient shampoos contain less lathering agents and are made to clean but to also keep moisture and natural oils in your hair. This is the reason the all natural ingredient shampoos are not only kinder to your hair (less breakage, less product build-up, less dryness etc) but also make your hair healthy and more manageable.


Another question we get is about the strength of the Rosemary scent.  The Energy formula contains both a citrus extract base and a Rosemary extract infusion.  Because it is a natural Citrus extract and a Rosemary extract that is added to the products, the strength of the scent can vary batch to batch depending upon the oils extracted. While most citrus extracts impart a relatively strong scent, Rosemary leaves vary more - some leaves tend to be more pungent or aromatic than others.  Here again, when manufacturing with all natural ingredients, it is not an exact science as it is with lab-created scents.  Some batches tend to be more aromatic than others but this does not affect the performance of the product on the hair.



Hotel Samples of Bloom Products


Back in 2009, Bloom was produced in sample sizes for a one time sale for the hotel industry. Many hotels purchased these products for the use of their guests or to sell in their hotel shops. Based on what each hotel chain purchased, many hotels may still have a supply of these mini-bottles. 


Please know that the properties of all natural ingredients do change over time … some products become darker or lighter in color; some products scent gets stronger or weaker; some products scents get sweeter smelling or may pick up fragrance notes stronger of one of the many ingredients; and the effectiveness of the product does diminish over time - all dependent upon how old the samples are and more importantly, how they have been stored (storage areas climate-controlled or not). Old product from 2009 cannot be compared to freshly made product.

 Bloom all natural formulas have never changed so if you have been a hotel guest who has used any Bloom products and now have purchased fresh product and noticed a slight difference, please know that you are getting the exact same wonderful all natural formula but with the freshest of ingredients that will make your hair healthy and manageable.




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