Not Buggin' Me Natural Outdoor Spray by Little Moon Essentials

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Not Buggin' Me Natural Outdoor Spray by Little Moon Essentials

8 oz. plastic spray bottle 

Naturally effective. This stuff works! Totally safe for kids, adults, pets, and the planet.  A solution for the outdoor lover.

Contains only purely strong essential oils. This amazing, chemical free spray contains absolutely nothing harmful. Tiny creepy crawlers do not like the smell, and this spray relieves the itch from any that may bite.

Neem and lavender essential oils are known to cool, stop itching, and speed healing. The other strong essential oils provide an environmentally harmonious way of keeping you comfortable outside. Because this product is natural and has no harsh chemicals, it needs to be applied more often. But since the smell is so nice, and the spray so cooling and comforting, no one will mind.

Easy to take anywhere, this awesome spray feels great when it is cooled in a fridge or your picnic cooler.

Contains: distilled water, witch hazel and 100% pure essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, neem, lavender and others.

Directions: Spray liberally. Reuse as needed. Use this completely natural alternative by spraying it on your body, clothes, in the air, and on camping equipment.

Handmade in Colorado.


  • Manufactured by: Little Moon Essentials

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